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The Team of


The core of the group consists of 5 friends with a common characteristic of love for sports and gambling. So the core is also the one that decides on the points. There are still some partners who convinced us to create this site and help with its operation.

Image by Tom Briskey


Our goal is for everyone to have a profitable season. Logically, the bets we make may seem big to some, but these are proportional to the annual bankroll that the team has available for the bet. You as members decide what amount you have available and bet accordingly. If, for example, someone has 500 euros for the bankroll all year, he will bet 1/10 of our bets.


Our vision is to be able to grow our company and all together to have an extra income every year. Remember that we never risk money that will fall short of our real needs and those of our family. 

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